Massage in Hotel Margaréta

    Kata Paál masseur PaalKata

    "I have encountered with massages 10 years ago, I have graduated from Swedish and other kinds of massages as well. In our hectic world you need time for relaxation, healing, hearing the sounds of  silence, peace and to be able to concentrate on yourself and your body and I will help you with all of this. Nowadays massage is not luxurious but its a great and effective way of preserving health and avoiding illnesses.

    I am awaiting to my dear guests".

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    e-mail:, tel: 06-87-343-824


    DURATION (min.)
    Whole body relaxes the muscles, optimizes the circulation of blood, reduces pain 50              9 500 Ft
    Whole body 80            12 500 Ft
    Parts of the body guests choice: waist, back, shoulders, neck, legs 25              4 500 Ft
    Maternity massage special body part massage 25              4 500 Ft
    Maternity massage special whole body massage 50              9 500 Ft
    Thai sole and leg cooling, refreshing, optimizes the lympathic of the blood and legs 25              4 500 Ft
    Thai sole and leg
    50              8 500 Ft
    Cleopatra massagecreme, cream, honey, aroma oils for silky and soft skin                                              50              9 500 Ft
    Cleopatra 80            12 500 Ft
    With hot lava stones putting the hot stones on the body the person reaches deep relaxation, it vitalizes the nerve function 50            10 800 Ft
    With hot lava stones 80            13 900 Ft
    Chocolate relaxing treatment, hidrates and  tightens the skin, replaces the missing minerals 50              9 500 Ft
    Chocolate 80            12 500 Ft
    With hot herbals
    treatment with hot herbals is recommended for muscle tension, inflammations, insomnia, migraine headache  50            10 800 Ft
    With hot herbals 80            13 900 Ft
    Aroma guests choice: honey, marigold, cinnamon and orange, lavender, peppermint and rosemary, lemongrass and orange and  aloe vera 50              9 500 Ft
    Aroma 80            12 500 Ft
    Lomi-Lomi oil massage originated from Hawaii. During massage the bioenergic balance is stabilized and energy sent to the treated body parts. The body becomes more energetic and resistant. 80            17 000 Ft

    SPA rituals:                                                                                                                                                                                           

           120 19 900 Ft
    "Cleopatra honey garden" cream-salt, peeling, honey oil massage, cream mask on the body, peach-paraffin care
    "Chocolate-orange dreams" chocolate peeling, orange-cinnamon massage, chocolate mask on the body, peach-paraffin care
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