Tibetan sound massage

    rabakozi-ritaRita Rábaközi sound masseur, music therapist

    “I am looking forward to my guests for a massage rich in relaxing vibration, physical and spiritual recharge”.

    Peter Hess® Sound massage therapy

    Booking and further information:
    e-mail: info@hotelmargareta.hu,
    phone: +36 87 343 824

    The effects of sound massage therapy:

    • Deep relaxation

    • Gentle massage and harmonization of each individual cell in the body

    •  Relief of tensions and blockages in the body

    • The experiences of your body being pleasantly light and vibrating freely

    • Reinforcement of self-healing forces 

    • Letting go of old patterns – a new order can evolve

    • Positive influence on self-confidence, creativity and productive energy, renewed enthusiasm, zest for life

    About the massage:

    The soft sustained sounds of the singing bowls provide a focus that is quieting the chattering mind and aligning the body. Their gentle, purifying vibrations clear negative energies, stimulate the chakras and can bring deep relaxation. Sound waves vibrating the body are massaging every single cell, thus bringing new flow into stagnant places, loosening muscle tensions and energizing organs.

    Sound Massage will help to bring relief from pain and problems caused by stress, worries, and anxiety. It can nurture insight and intuition. It supports the development of inner harmony, providing strength for your everyday life. Your creativity and productive energy will receive new impulses.

    Massage price: 6.000 HUF/ 45 min.

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