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    Hospitality can be tasted: with rich and varied Margaréta breakfast every morning starts good. For dinner we provide home-cooked delicious meals served at the hotel’s was expended atmospheric restaurant. From spring to autumn, the restaurant’s terrace is open to have an even more pleasant dinner.

    The halfboard service is available not only for our guests.

    Buffet breakfast: 4.000 HUF/person/ breakfast

    3-course dinner: 5.500 HUF/person/dinner

    Buffet dinner: 6.000 HUF / person/dinner

    Room service (6:30-22:30): 1.500 HUF/service/room

    Available minibar packages

    In the minibar fridges in your room, you can request several drink packages to make your stay even more comfortable.To order a minibar drink package, please ask our reception staff for assistance!

    BASIC package (650 HUF/bottle)

    • 1-1 bottle still and sparkling Römerquelle mineral water 0,33 l
    • If consumed, please inform reception on departure.

    FITT package (1 990 HUF)

    • 2-2 bottle of still and sparkling NaturAqua 0,33 l
    • 2 apples

    FAMILY package (3 490 HUF)

    • 1-1 pcs still and sparkling NaturAqua 0,33 l
    • 1 Fanta 0,25 l
    • 1 Cola 0,25 l
    • 1 salted peanut (85 gr)
    • 1 package of gummi bears (100 gr)

    PARTY package (4 890 HUF)

    • 2 x 0,05 l short drink (Absolute vodka/Bacardi)
    • 1 Cola 0,25 l
    • 1 Energy drink 0,33 l
    • 1 salted hazelnut (85 gr)

    AMORE package (3 890 HUF)

    • 1-1 bottle of free and sparkling NaturAqua 0,33 l
    • 1 Hungaria mini sparkling wine 0,2l
    • 1 Milka bonbon 110 gr

    WINE (4 250 HUF)

    (Optional, it can be ordered together with the packages above andseparately too)

    • 1 bottle of Forsthoffer Olaszrizling (with gratis jar of soda water)

    zINNIa Snack & Drink Bár:

    The hotel’s zINNIa Drink Bar in open late in the evening and provides refreshing, fruity wines, original Balatonfüredi Italian Riesling, the Wine of the House, refreshing beer, tasty snacks and exciting cocktails. No matter what is the weather like, you can enjoy a pleasant environment and refreshments at the hotel’s closed or open terrace. The hotel’s lobby is possible to play table soccer and poker with chip set available for a not money based card game.

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