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    Tímea OsváthOsváth Tímea

    Osváth Tímea - masseur

    "I have encountered with massages 17 years ago, I have graduated from Swedish and other kinds of massages as well. In our hectic world you need time for relaxation, healing, hearing the sounds of silence, peace and to be able to concentrate on yourself and your body and I will help you with all of this. Nowadays massage is not luxurious but its a great and effective way of preserving health and avoiding illnesses.

    I am awaiting to my dear guests".

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    Swedish massage Swedish massage is a manual treatment technique that affects the human body by mechanical stimuli. It builds on direct physiological effects, but a sense of personal care is also good for mental health.  25' 6 500 HUF
    50' 12 500 HUF
    Sport massage Powerful, intense massage with kneading and tapping, relaxing and regenerating tight muscles. 25' 6 500 HUF
    50' 12 500 HUF
    Aromatherapy massage The relaxing, stress-relieving body massage is performed with the aroma oils chosen for the current condition. As a result, the relaxing, energizing and vitalizing power of the massage becomes more intense. Aroma massage can be used for stress relief, physical-mental regeneration, well-being and energy replenishment. 25' 6 500 HUF
    50' 12 500 HUF
    Relaxing massage Lavender oil has a strong calming effect on body and soul alike. Exceptionally effective in treating fatigue and exhaustion. 25' 6 500 HUF
    50' 12 500 HUF
    Circulatory massage  The active ingredient in peppermint rosemary oil is anti-inflammatory, helping to relieve muscle and joint pain. 25' 6 500 HUF
    50' 12 500 HUF
    Nourishing and moisturizing massage Thanks to the extract of aloe vera, it is suitable for hydrating dehydrated skin, and it is known for its many healing effects. 25' 6 500 HUF
    50' 12 500 HUF
    Mood massage Orange-cinnamon is a pleasant-smelling oil, rich in vitamins and improves the blood supply to the body surface. Invigorate when needed, soothe when needed. 25' 6 500 HUF
    50' 12 500 HUF
    Manager massage This massage is especially suitable for relieving tension, during the treatment of the back we take special care to rework the shoulder blade and to treat the back-neck-shoulder area. 25' 6 500 HUF
    Indonesian bamboo massage During the massage, we work with rods of different lengths, ranging from quite soft and caressing movements to stronger grips. Not only the superficial muscles, but also the deeper ones can be worked with it wonderfully. 50' 12 500 HUF
    Children's massage Light, smoothing massage to pamper children. 15' 3 500 HUF
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