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Must visit places nearby


First must visit place is Tihany and the Benedictine abbey, which we can reach by a boat trip as well. Tihany worthy of its traditions and cultural heritage also hosts many special events. Visit the Summer Festival or the Garda Fish festival in November.

The treasures of Tihany peninsula:

  • Tihany port
  • Hermit homes verve into the rock (Hermithomes)
  • Benedictine abbey’s Baroque church
  • Rural architecture (country house)
  • Lóczy-trail
  • Geyser field and the Golden Rock House
  • Apát church ruin
  • Internal lake
  • Lavender House Visitor Center, geological exhibition
  • Tours: Echo, Legend and Lavender trip
  • Tihany farmers' market every Saturday 8 am to13 pm at Tihany port
  • Babymuseum

Further information: www.tihany.hu .


When spending holiday in Füred do not miss out the beautiful city of Veszprém. This city offers in all season diverse programs and other attractions to the visitors.

Must see places in Veszprém:

  • Veszprém castle (Óváros square, View Tower, Archbishop's Palace, Queen Gizella Museum, Benedict Castle Hill, St. Michael's Cathedral, Salesianum, etc.).
  • Love island, Margit ruins and the Veszprém valley
  • Veszprém ZOO
  • Gulya hills and view towers
  • Laczkó spring
  • Laczkó Dezső Museum
  • Veszprém Petőfi Theatre and garden
  • The renewed Kossuth street with cosy coffees, pastry shops and restaurants

Further information: www.veszprem.hu .

Other activities in the area

  • Herendi Porcelain Manufactory
  • Balaton Bob and Leisure Centre, Serpa Adventure Park, Balatonfűzfő
  • Sobri Jóska Adventure Park, Kislőd
  • Tapolca Lake Cave and Mill Lake
  • MNM Villa Romana Baláca - Baláca Experience Park, Nemesvámos and Veszprémfajsz

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