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Sightseeing in Balatonfüred


Balatonfüred’s attraction lays in its beautiful location, carbonated springs healing power, the highlands growing fruity, good wine and the historic and cultural traditions.

The city was also popular in the reform era. It is rich in historical monuments and hosts several events throughout the year. These include the world-famous Anna Ball, Wine Festival, regattas or the Reform Age Festival at fall weekend.

Sightseeing in Balatonfüred:

Architecture and culture:

  • Zákonyi Ferenc and Tagore promenade
  • Kossuth Lajos spring at Gyógy square
  • Round and Rufous church
  • City’s Reform Age part: Jókai memorial house, City Museum, Vaszary Villa


  • Lóczy-cave
  • Koloska-valley, Koloska-spring, Zoo
  • Tamás-mountain, view tower


  • Annagora Aquapark: water park and spa
  • Balaton Conference and Sport Centre: cinema, squash etc.
  • GO-KART field
  • Water ski, Füred Camping

Further information about Balatonfüred: www.balatonfured.info.hu

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